• To secure the reservation of a car, the full rental amount must be paid.
  • Reservations can be made conveniently online via our website at or in person at the office (CHISINAU, STR. KIEV 9/1, ET.3, OF.36).


  • We accept online payment with credit cards VISA/MASTERCART/AMERICANEXPRESS.
  • Cash in the office (CHISINAU, STR. KIEV 9/1, ET.3, OF.36)
  • Bank transfer for companies


  • When picking up the car, clients are required to leave a security deposit for the entire rental period.
  • Clients will receive their security deposit upon returning the car and signing the car acceptance report without objections.
  • The deposit is to be paid in cash only upon taking possession of the car and is also refunded in cash.


  • Valid ID card.
  • Valid driver’s license with a minimum validity of 24 months.

Driver’s Age

  • The minimum age for car rental is 23 years.
  • The maximum age for drivers is 63 years.


  • All cars are equipped with RCA insurance (compulsory civil liability insurance).
  • Additionally, for certain cars, CASCO insurance is available, and you can choose this option when making your reservation.

Crossing Borders with the Rented Car

  • Our rental cars are intended for use within the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union Member States.
  • Usage of the car outside the Republic of Moldova and/or the European Union Member States is strictly prohibited.

Renting a Car with a Driver

  • The services of a personal driver are available upon request and come at an additional cost.
  • The cost of fuel used while renting a car with a driver must be paid separately by the customer.
  • No security deposit is required when renting a car with a driver.


  • For a single rental day, a maximum of 300 kilometers is included in the rental price.
  • Any mileage exceeding 300 kilometers per day will be subject to an additional charge of 0.15 EUR per kilometer.

Car Usage Policy

  • The car will be provided to the client in a clean and fully fueled condition.
  • The client is responsible for returning the car in the same condition, both clean and with a full fuel tank. Failure to do so may result in the following penalties:
    • Car returned in a dirty condition: 150-200 MDL for washing the car
    • Car returned with an incomplete fuel tank: a penalty of 1.5 € per liter of fuel.
    • Late return of the car: a penalty of 15% of the daily rental amount for each hour of delay.
    • Car returned with additional mileage: a penalty of 0.15 € per kilometer.
    • Car damaged: it is calculated depending on the damage to the car